Starmix & Crusader Vacuums

Starmix HSA1430EHStarmix HSA1430EH
Designed for the tradesman. 30L stainless steel cannister. Two speed 1400W motor. Auto start for use with power tools. Full floor accessory kit. Bag free use.

Code HSA1430EH

Starmix ISC ARD 1425 EWSStarmix ISC ARD 1425 EWS
Wet and dry use - with water detection. 8600cm² filter area Auto filter vibration. 25L tank. 1400W motor. Variable speed Auto start, for use with power tools.

Code ISC ARD 1425 EWS

Starmix HSAR 1655 EWS KFGStarmix HSAR 1655 EWS KFG
1600 watt motor. 55 Litre stainless steel canister. Wet & dry. Electromagnetic pulse filter cleaning. 2 speed. Power tool socket.

Code HSAR 1655 EWS KFG

Starmix GS1032EHStarmix GS1032EH
Starmix industrial wet & dry dust extractor for general use. 32L tank. 1200w motor. Wet & dry.

Code GS1032EH

Starmix HSA1432EH<Starmix HSA1432EH
Economy vacuum. Designed for work teams. 32L plastic canister. Auto start for use with power tools Full floor accessory kit.

Code HSA1432EH

Crusader M1050-30-VACCrusader M1050-30-VAC
The Crusader 30 Gallon Concrete Vacuum is great for recovering concrete slurry when a 15 gallon is just too small and a 55 gallon is too big. The vacuum has a sturdy powder coated steel cart with 10" pneumatic wheels for rolling across rough terrain on jobsites. This vacuum comes equipped with a filter bag for wet slurry recovery but can also be used for dry recovery with the proper filters (4049 coated bag, 4031 filter protector).

Code M1050-30-VAC

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