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From Scissor Lifts to Safety Harnesses, Get All the Height Access and Safety Equipment You Need from Auckland’s Totalsite Supplies

Many jobs in the construction and building trades involve working at heights. From roofers to steelworkers and glaziers to lighting technicians, virtually every building or installation project has a role for someone who is comfortable and skilled working at heights. However, even trade professionals who love heights need the right access equipment to ensure that they can do their jobs safely. At Totalsite Supplies, we stock an array of height safety equipment in Auckland, designed to provide the kind of safety and peace of mind that every elevation worker deserves.

Totalsite Supplies: Helping Trade Teams Work Safely at Heights for More Than 35 Years

For the last 35 years, Totalsite Supplies has been supplying businesses in the building and construction trades with the equipment they need to do their jobs safely, efficiently, and effectively. The equipment we offer runs quite the range, including tools for digging, electrical work, concrete installation and more. One area of focus, though, has always been height safety.

We are a go-to source for access equipment in Auckland. Our selection of elevated work platforms, ladders and scaffolding make it easy to access virtually any difficult-to-reach-spot on a worksite. From windows to roofs to vaulted ceilings, all the way to elevated electrical installations, our equipment renders the inaccessible accessible.

We don’t just offer the equipment you need to reach these spots, either. On the contrary, we have also worked hard to build up a selection of essential height safety equipment. Whether you are looking for helmets, lanyards, and retractables or safety harnesses in Auckland, we can help you find what you need. When you buy safety equipment from us, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your team will be safe undertaking even the riskiest jobs on the worksite. Someone must do those precarious, elevated jobs; with Totalsite Supplies, you make sure no one is doing the work without the necessary safeguards in place.

Get Help Choosing the Right Height Safety Equipment for Your Auckland Worksite

What type of height access and safety equipment do you need for your worksite? Do you need a scissor lift in Auckland, or would a simple ladder design suffice? What type of scaffolding do you need? What kind of harnesses should your team members be wearing?

Even as a project manager, you might not know the answers to all these questions. Luckily, Totalsite Supplies is here to help. We offer free onsite assistance to trade teams throughout the Auckland area, helping them recognise and plan for their access and height safety requirements. From there, we can help you pick out equipment that meshes with your budget without sacrificing the safety of your team.

Are you interested in scheduling an onsite consultation with Totalsite Supplies, or in learning more about the equipment we have to offer? We would love to hear from you soon! Reach out today.