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The Advantages of Using Fibreglass Ladders in NZ

To the average person, a ladder is a ladder; it’s merely a necessary tool for getting up to the right height to work on a project. As long as it’s tall enough, any ladder will do the job. For those who work near or with electrical infrastructure, or in areas where such hazards are more likely to be present, the choice one makes about which ladder to use matters much more. A standard aluminium ladder, though it may be the right height, could pose an unnecessary risk to those working with them. If a live source of electricity were to contact the aluminium, it would conduct instantaneously — and whoever was on the ladder would find themselves in the midst of a bad day.

That is why tradesmen often choose fibreglass ladders in NZ. Their key advantage is that fibreglass does not conduct electricity, so it’s much safer for work around those hazards. At Totalsite Supplies, securing a safe means to work at height is no trouble at all — and it is easy to fit into your budget, too. Whether you represent a larger firm, or you work as an independent tradesman, our purchase and hire options streamline the process of locating platform fibreglass ladders in NZ that will suit the intended role.

Our professional Bailey brand ladders allow you to reach heights of up to 3.5 metres. No task will be too tough when you can safely and comfortably work near electrical wiring without concern about the risks posed by your ladder. Explore our options now, or enquire directly to our team for purchasing choices.