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Hire or Purchase a Mobile Scaffold for NZ Construction Projects

Scaffolding has been a part of construction work since ancient times, and for a good reason — there’s simply no better way to provide easy access to portions of a building under construction or repair. Of course, just because it’s an ancient technology doesn’t mean it’s lacking in innovation. Perhaps one of the most favoured changes is the mobile scaffold. Around NZ, they find use in all kinds of trades. At Totalsite Supplies, we offer a direct path to purchasing or hiring such a scaffold to enable your crews to work safely at heights, without the need to construct new scaffolds constantly.

With access to the most trusted type of mobile scaffold in NZ produced by Equiptec, preparing for upcoming work is easy. Consult our equipment size charts to begin to determine the appropriate height and width for the job at hand. Do keep in mind that only those with proper certifications can put up scaffolds over a certain height. Next comes the most crucial decision: will you purchase or rent the units you need?

For trades that require consistent access to work zones at height and need the ability to quickly move the scaffold from zone to zone, purchasing a mobile scaffold in NZ may be the best choice. For all others, we offer accessible options for hiring the equipment for as little or as much time as you require. Our friendly sales associates are always ready to assist you in determining the correct option for your scenario. To strike up a conversation on that subject today, use our contact form.