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Scaffold Makes Your Construction Site Safe and Efficient When You Use Mobile Scaffolding for Sale or Hire in Christchurch

Totalsite Supplies cares about your safety which is why we provide free onsite assistance with height and safety regulations. We have over 35 years’ experience in the industry which means you can trust our advice. We offer mobile scaffold hire in Christchurch for your easy and safe access to all the necessary areas at the worksite.

Advantages of Using Mobile Scaffolding in Christchurch

Scaffolding provides a stable and secure surface for workers to move throughout the site which prevents the loss of materials and the risk of injury. The safety can be increased with the addition of edge protection to prevent injuries due to falls.

Scaffolding gives you increased access compared to a ladder which encourages workers to reach beyond the point of safety. Our mobile scaffolding ranges in heights of 2.1 to 4.8 metres and has lengths of 2-3 metres which gives you much more reach than an extension ladder.

Our fixed scaffolding for sale in Christchurch allows you to modify each construction site to your needs. It is versatile in the way you can set up and use each platform. We also offer aluminium and timber planks that are cut to fit the platforms’ specifications.

The scaffolding is sturdy enough to allow access to multiple workers, their tools and building materials which enables your construction project to run efficiently. Setting up scaffolding is less time-consuming in the long run than continually moving ladders and it allows you to reach hard to access areas with ease as well.

Estimating the Amount of Scaffolding

Estimating the amount of scaffolding needed in Christchurch requires a few measurements and calculations. Firstly, you need to measure the length that requires access. Each section available in our builder’s pack is 9.2 metres long, so divide the required length by 9.2 to learn how many sections you will need.

Secondly, measure the height you need to reach and use it to determine which height sections you require. Our platform heights are 2 or 4 metres but don’t forget to include the reaching height of your workers. For example, most people can comfortably reach about 2 to 2.5 metres high which you can add to the platform height to determine the total.

We provide the variety of mobile scaffolding sizes mentioned earlier if you need a scaffolding hire in Christchurch, but we also have elevating equipment for hire. We offer scissor lifts that give you less work area but are easy to manoeuvre up and down or move from side to side. In addition, we provide cherry pickers and personnel lifts. If you need to reach heights, contact Totalsite Supplies, and our experienced staff can help determine what will best suit your needs.