Mix & Pour Floor Repair 

Code: RB2.25-10

From rubber boots and cattle hooves that scuff farm floors to the weight of forklift trucks and other large machinery, the workload at a dairy farm is immense and unforgiving.

The result is often cracks in the flooring. Cracks are a serious problem for flooring because they compromise sanitation when spillage seeps into those cracks and crevices.  Rockbond RB2.25 Mix and Pour is a high performance, quick setting floor screed designed specifically with maintaining dairy farm sheds and feedlots.

This product helps ensure the sanitary upkeep of your milk production and maintenance of the buildings.

  • Trade quality product
  • Quick setting
  • Repairs floor cracks
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • 10L bucket

Technical Data Sheet

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