Parapet and Slab Clamp 

Code: EBP
The EBP parapet & slab clamp is designed to clamp to parapet walls and floor edges up to 400mm thick. It will also surface mount to a flat floor and can be used in conjunction with a toeboard.
This makes it ideal for commercial construction as it can be reconfigured to suit multiple applications.
The jaws on the parapet clamp have a non slip rubber pad fitted to allow for a superior connection to concrete tilt panels as well as timber framed walls with cladding fitted and there is adequate clearance provided for cap flashings so zero damage will occur.
Features and benefits of the E Bracket® Parapet & Slab Clamp include:
  • Mounts to parapet walls and floor edges up to 400mm thick as well as surface mounts to floors
  • Suitable for roof pitches from flat up to 15 degrees
  • Compatible with both timber rails (SG8 90×45) at up to 2.7mtr bracket centres as well as aluminium and galvanised scaffold tube at up to 5.4mtr bracket centres
  • Fits to stairwells and roof/floor voids
  • No more waiting for scaffold companies
  • Fast to install and faster to dismantle
  • Fully compliant to AS/NZS4994.1:2009
  • Compatible with all roof access systems such as gates and stairs
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