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Rhino Fence Pro Post Driver 

Code: GPD-40
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The GPD-40 FencePro is a very popular big brother to the 50mm chuck GPD-30 RanchPro. With a larger diameter chuck and correspondingly larger hammer to suit, this machine is capable of driving bigger posts with approximately 25% more driving force. Ideal for a wide range of situations:

  • Fencing Contractors or construction companies doing a range of Y-post sizes, including old waratahs
  • Fencing Contractors doing T-irons
  • 50mm pipe applications
  • 40mm x 50mm or 45mm x 45mm foundation boxing peg applications
  • Rebar for boxing pegs
  • Events companies
  • This machine will transform any post / peg driving task with its power, and portability.


Engine Honda GX35 4-Stroke, 35cc, OHC, 360º inclinable
Chuck Diameter 2.5″ / 63mm (50mm Adapter supplied)
Weight 17.2kg
Handles High-Density, EPDM Composite;
Ergonomic Design for Even Weight Distribution.
Anti-Vibration System Fully Enclosed Spring-Type System
Hammer / Anvil Hardened Tool Steel
Other Technical Specs. One Piece Crankshaft
Heat-Treated Aluminium Castings
Hardened Steel Components
Post Driver
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