Cantilever Work Platforms

Whether you need a raised platform to provide access for maintenance, or an elevated area with easy-to-install platforms to allow workers and machinery in tight spaces, we have the solution.

These platforms have been utilized as tram and train maintenance platforms, construction platforms, fuel tank platforms and maintenance docking systems.

Cantilever platforms are designed with a clearance height to push up against and/or over your required area of access.

5 year warranty.


  • 950mm cantilever area
  • 1000mm width x 2000mm length platform area
  • 3mm checker plate
  • 100mm step section 67° angle
  • Powder-coated safety yellow handrail
  • Standard 4 polyurethane wheels
  • Safety arms at front
  • Self-closing gate at rear

Optional Upgrades:

  • Adjustable Scaffold Castors
  • Access hoop
  • Tool tray
  • Forklift pockets
  • All-terrain tyres including adjustable jacks for braking
  • 13mm grid mesh working deck option
Brand Code Platform HeightClearance HeightBase LengthApprox Weight Enquire
Star Aluminium Star CLP3 900mm800mm2160mm75kg Enquire
Star Aluminium Star CLP4 1200mm1100mm2275mm80kg Enquire
Star Aluminium Star CLP5 1500mm1400mm2400mm92kg Enquire
Star Aluminium Star CLP6 1800mm1700mm2720mm100kg Enquire
Star Aluminium Star CLP7 2100mm2000mm2835mm110kg Enquire
Star Aluminium Star CLP8 2400mm2300mm2950mm120kg Enquire
Star Aluminium Star CLP9 2700mm2600mm3100mm145kg Enquire
Star Aluminium Star CLP10 3000mm2900mm3190mm155kg Enquire
Star Aluminium Star CLP11 3300mm3200mm3310mm175kg Enquire
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