Oval Brushes

Haydn Oval Brushes

The Haydn® CLASSIC Premier OVAL® is a premium quality paint brush with blended bristle. Suitable For: Exterior & interior use. Large areas. Walls, eaves, decks, fences etc. The precisely controlled blending of bristle incorporates tapered & split ends offering superior paint pick up & a smooth professional finish. This brush is fitted with a quality stainless steel ferrule providing a brush with resilience & excellent durability.

Brand Code Description Enquire
Haydn CPO38 Classic Premier Oval Brush 38mm Enquire
Haydn CPO50 Classic Premier Oval Brush 50mm Enquire
Haydn CPO63 Classic Premier Oval Brush 63mm Enquire
Haydn CPO75 Classic Premier Oval Brush 75mm Enquire
Haydn CPO100 Classic Premier Oval Brush 100mm Enquire

PAL Oval Brushes

The PAL Legend Oval Brush is made by master craftsmen for the master tradesmen!

* Suitable for all paints!
* A trade premium brush

Brand Code Description Enquire
PAL 100888 Legend Oval Brush 38mm Enquire
PAL 100895 Legend Oval Brush 50mm Enquire
PAL 100901 Legend Oval Brush 63m Enquire
PAL 100918 Legend Oval Brush 75mm Enquire
PAL 100925 Legend Oval Brush 88mm Enquire
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