Concrete Additives

Rockbond Water Reducer

Increases strength by reducing water.

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB6.13-20 20L Enquire
Rockbond RB6.13-200 200L Enquire

Water Reducer Safety Data Sheet

Water Reducer SDS

Rockbond Super Plasticiser

For free flowing concrete to fill all voids.

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB6.15-20 20L Enquire
Rockbond RB6.15-200 200L Enquire

Super Plasticiser Safety Data Sheet

Super Plasticiser SDS

Rockbond Hyper-Plasticiser

Maintains flowability and allows major water reductions of over 30%. Produces self compacting concrete.

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB6.16N-20 20L Enquire
Rockbond RB6.16N-200 200L Enquire

Hyper-Plasticiser Safety Data Sheet

Hyper-Plasticiser SDS

Rockbond CF Accelerator

Chloride-Free accelerator for concrete

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB6.11-5 5L Enquire
Rockbond RB6.11-20 20L Enquire
Rockbond RB6.11-200 200L Enquire

CF Accelerator Safety Data Sheet

CF Accelerator SDS

Rockbond Retarder

Slows down concrete initial set in hot weather

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB6.18-20 20L Enquire
Rockbond RB6.18-200 200L Enquire

Rockbond Retarder Safety Data Sheets

Rockbond Retarder SDS

Rockbond Microsilica

Concrete densifier and strengthening agent

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB6.08-20 20L Enquire

Microsilica Powder Safety Data Sheet

Microsilica Powder SDS

Rockbond Waterproof Powder

To reduce permeability and stop efflorescence

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB6.05-4 4kg Enquire
Rockbond RB6.05-25 25kg Enquire

Waterproof Powder Technical Data Sheet

Waterproof Powder TDS

Rockbond Cement Accelerator

Mix with neat cement and stop a leak in 2 minutes. Ideal for manhold connections

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB6.21-4 4L Enquire
Rockbond RB6.21-25 25L Enquire

Cement Accelerator Safety Data Sheets

Cement Accelerator SDS

Rockbond A220 Expansion Agent

An expansion powder for blockfill grout – helps fill voids and reduces settlement and cracking 1kg/m3. Supplied in water soluble bags

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB6.01 20L Enquire

A220 Expansion Agent Safety Data Sheet

A220 Expansion Agent SDS

Rockbond Mortar Plasticiser

Lay more bricks faster with this great mortar plasticiser. Improves the workability of mortars and renders

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB6.22-5 5L Enquire
Rockbond RB6.22-20 20L Enquire

Mortar Plasticiser Safety Data Sheet

Mortar Plasticiser SDS
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