Concrete Blades

Ultimate UC10 Cyclone Concrete Blades

Blade with 10mm segment height. Featuring tear drop gullet design, cooling holes, reinforced centre flange. Applications include: in-situ concrete (including reinforced), concrete products, natural stone, building materials. Ideal ‘civils’ blade.

Brand Code Diameter (inches) Enquire
Ox OX-UC10-4 4 Enquire
Ox OX-UC10-4.5 4 1/2 Enquire
Ox OX-UC10-5 5 Enquire
Ox OX-UC10-9 9 Enquire
Ox OX-UC10-14 14 Enquire
Ox OX-UC10-16 16 Enquire

Trade TC10 Concrete Blades

This general purpose blade with a 10mm segment height. All round performance. Applications include: building products, general purpose, kerbs and slabs, concrete pavers and blocks, roof tiles.

Brand Code Diameter (inches) Enquire
Ox OX-TC10-4 4 Enquire
Ox OX-TC10-4.5 4 1/2 Enquire
Ox OX-TC10-5 5 Enquire
Ox OX-TC10-9 9 Enquire
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