Curing & Anti Evaporation

Rockbond Slabcure

Sodium silicate based cuing compound with no effect on future painting or floor adhesives.

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB7.10-5 5L Enquire
Rockbond RB7.10-20 20L Enquire
Rockbond RB7.10-200 200L Enquire

Slab Cure Safety Data Sheet

Slabcure SDS

Rockbond Membrane Cure

Degradable membrane cure meeting industry standards.

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB7.11-20 20L Enquire
Rockbond RB7.11-200 200L Enquire

Membrane Cure Safety Data Sheets

Membrane Cure SDS

Rockbond Supa-Cure

Wax curing membrane that confirms to AS3799.

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB7.12-20 20L Enquire
Rockbond RB7.12-200 200L Enquire

Supa-Cure Technical Data Sheet

Supa-Cure TDS

Rockbond Evaporation Retarder

Stops cracking in hot or dry weather while concrete is still being worked

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB7.27-20 20L Enquire
Rockbond RB7.27-200 200L Enquire

Evaporation Retarder Safety Data Sheet

Evaporation Retarder SDS

Rockbond Concrete Conditioner

For a hard, dust free concrete floor

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB7.19-20 20L Enquire
Rockbond RB7.19-200 200L Enquire

Concrete Conditioner Safety Data Sheet

Concrete Conditioner SDS
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