Doorway Scaffold

Industrial - Equiptec

Nifty little scaffold that doesn’t need to be dismantled to fit through a doorway.

Doorway Scaffold

Brand Code HeightLengthWidth Enquire
Equiptec DOORWAY1 1m2m0.7m Enquire
Equiptec DOORWAY2 2m2m0.7m Enquire

* Outriggers optional for DWBS+U to increase base width and stability

Trade - Easy Access

Ideal for light trade use, the Easy Access mobile tower comes in 2 common sizes.

Doorway Scaffold

Doorway scaffold easy access MM250
Brand Code HeightLengthWidth Enquire
Easy Access MM250 1.9m1.7m0.7m Enquire
Easy Access MM310 1.9m1.7m2.7m Enquire
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