Fasteners & Ratchets

Fasty Straps

Polypropylene loading and lashing straps. Suitable for light commercial and domestic lashing applications. With a rated strength of 400kg & 25mm width.

Brand Code Description Enquire
Totalsite FY121-8 1.0m White Fasty Strap Enquire
Totalsite FY122-8 1.5m Yellow Fasty Strap Enquire
Totalsite FY123-8 2.0m Blue Fasty Strap Enquire
Totalsite FY124-8 2.5m Red Fasty Strap Enquire
Totalsite FY125-8 3.5m Black Fasty Strap Enquire


OX-P201109.jpg_7_2 (1)
Brand Code Description Enquire
Ox OX-P200904 25mm x 4m blue polyester webbing Ratchet Tie Down Strap - 4 Pack. 250kg lashing capacity. Vinyl coated 'S' hooks at each end. Enquire
Ox OX-P201109 50mm x 9m blue polyester strap. 2 protective sleeves. 2500kg lashing capacity. Double locking mechanism. Enquire
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