Fibreglass Double Sided Ladders


Fibreglass for electrical work.  High wear feet – the highest wearing part of a ladder. Non-clogging hinge will not seize and collapse. Extra large head. Titan tough rivet for maximum durability. Internal side stay – avoids damage.  Industrial rated – 150kg.

Brand Code HeightSteps Enquire
Ox OXDSF03 0.9m3 Enquire
Ox OXDSF04 1.2m4 Enquire
Ox OXDSF06 1.8m6 Enquire
Ox OXDSF08 2.4m8 Enquire


The fibreglass range of Double Sided Stepladders is designed for a wide range of users, from tradespeople to heavy-duty industrial and commercial.   Punchlock® tread design and deep fascia top caps increase torsional rigidity of the overall ladder frames. Industrial Duty Rated. Designed for use on industrial work sites.  Strong, fibreglass construction with triangular plate bracing. Electro – Safe™ (non conductive). Double sided for greater versatility and greater load bearing strength. Interlocking top caps adds strength and stability. Internal spreader arms, heavy duty steel – cross braced available on models 1.8 to 3.6m.  Anti-slip rubber “Boots” for maximum grip on any surface and protection of the stiles.  Extra Heavy Duty, 150kg load rating.

Brand Code HeightSteps Enquire
Bailey FS13977 0.9m3 Enquire
Bailey FS13978 1.2m4 Enquire
Bailey FS13980 1.8m6 Enquire
Bailey FS13981 2.1m7 Enquire
Bailey FS13982 2.4m8 Enquire
Bailey FS13983 3.0m10 Enquire
Bailey FS13984 3.6m12 Enquire

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