Fibreglass Extension Ladders


Fibreglass stiles for use for electrical work.  Side mounted rope, avoids tripping hazard. Triple pulley, three times easier to lift. Auto engaging height lock ensuring your safety. Heavy duty feet for wear resistance. ‘D’ shape rungs for comfortable standing. Industrial rated at 150kg.

Brand Code Height Enquire
Ox OXELF09 2.68 - 4.20m Enquire
Ox OXELF11 3.75 - 6.5m Enquire
Ox OXELF13 4.2 - 6.9m Enquire

Professional FSXN with V Rung

The new Bailey Pro PUNCHLOCK® FSXN fibreglass extension ladders have a 150kg load rating and is ideal for use by tradespeople or DIYers where an electrical hazard exists. The Electro-safe™ fibreglass construction reduces twist, bounce and side sway.  The PUNCHLOCK® construction provides a durable rung to stile connection.  Anti-slip PVC boots for added stability.  Anti-slip PVC boots for added stability.

Brand Code Height Enquire
Bailey FS13917 2.63 - 4.16m Enquire
Bailey FS13918 3.24 - 5.38m Enquire
Bailey FS13919 3.85 - 6.60m Enquire
Bailey FS13920 4.46 -7.82m Enquire
Bailey FS13921 5.07 - 9.04m Enquire


Our PowerMaster Extension Ladder range features Branach’s unique strongbox construction. This allows for dramatic rigidity which greatly reduces twist and sway. They are designed for maximum safety when working at heights.  Fiberglass stiles ensure workers are isolated form the ground, making the product suitable for electrical work. Lightweight and effortless action to deploy. Flat D rungs provide safety and comfort to the height worker. Strongbox construction results in dramatic reduction in twist and sway.  Branach Latch or Conventional latch available. All-weather resistant. Swivel foot maximises grip on uneven ground. Complies to EN 131-1.

FED5 (a)
Brand Code Height Enquire
Branach FED4.0FC 2.7 - 4.0m Enquire
Branach FED5.2 3.3 - 5.2m Enquire
Branach FED6.4 3.9 - 6.4m Enquire
Branach FED7.6 4.5 - 7.6m Enquire
Branach FED8.8 5.1 - 8.8m Enquire
Branach FED9.4 5.9 - 9.4m Enquire

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