Fibreglass Platform Ladders


The Next Generation in Fibreglass Platform Stepladders. The Bailey P170 is an Electro-Safe™ mobile job station with a huge 170kg load rating and a massive 610mm x 460mm platform standing area.  Huge platform area (610 x 457mm) adds comfort and stability. New ‘trapezoidal tread design’ provides an incredibly strong tread to stile joint. Multi-function handrail with optional ‘DropLok’ accessories converts a handrail into a Job Station (15kg capacity). Fully reinforced polypropylene platform with metal inserts for maximum strength. Electro – Safe™ (non-conductive). Checker plate ‘deck pattern’ provides an anti-slip standing area. Extra strong, heavy duty fibreglass construction for superior durability. Large anti-slip feet for maximum stability and durability. Convenient carry handle allows for easy transport for improved mobility and improved productivity. Fully integrated bracing and castor system – patented industry leading design.

Brand Code HeightSteps Enquire
Bailey FS13530 0.9m3 Enquire
Bailey FS13531 1.2m4 Enquire
Bailey FS13532 1.5m5 Enquire
Bailey FS13533 1.8m6 Enquire
Bailey FS13534 2.0m7 Enquire
Bailey FS13535 2.3m8 Enquire
Bailey FS13536 2.9m10 Enquire
Bailey FS13537 3.5m12 Enquire
Bailey FS10720 0.6m2 (no wheels) Enquire


The Branach Platform Ladder range is foldable, convenient and portable.  Branach fibreglass platform ladders feature unique fibreglass patented box rail construction providing superior safety.  Non conductive, electrically safe. All-weather resistant. Outstanding durability. Large reinforced deck allowing greater movement and provide a safe, anti-slip surface. Lightweight and durable yet load rated to 150kgs. Patented Stongbox joining system gives unparalleled performance in strength and stability. Front safety rail situated at 900mm above the deck. Fibreglass construction so workers are isolated from the ground making the product suitable for electrical work.  Unique construction allows for quick action set up, portability, and easy store.

Brand Code HeightsSteps Enquire
Branach FPW0.6 0.6m2 Enquire
Branach FPW0.9 0.9m3 Enquire
Branach FPW1.2 1.2m4 Enquire
Branach FPW1.5 1.5m5 Enquire
Branach FPW1.8 1.8m6 Enquire
Branach FPW2.1 2.1m7 Enquire
Branach FPW2.4 2.4m8 Enquire
Branach FPW3.0 3.0m10 Enquire
Branach FPW3.6 3.6m12 Enquire
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