Mapecem Quickpatch

Mapecem Quickpatch is a versatile, fast-setting, cementitious material used for the patching of interior/exterior concrete surfaces including concrete floors, driveways, sidewalks and concrete pads. Mapecem Quickpatch features extraordinary ease of placement, with a variable water ratio and outstanding workability. Light gray Mapecem Quickpatch can be applied from featheredge to 3” (7,5 cm) for ramping or filling. That makes it ideal for restoring weathered, damaged concrete surfaces to a uniform, superior wearing and better-than-new appearance. When used for horizontal substrate repair before application of self-leveling underlayments, Mapecem Quickpatch sets fast for easy and cost-efficient repairs, minimizing job-site turnaround time.

Brand Code Description Enquire
Mapei 1190223 Mapecem Quickpatch 22.7kg Enquire

Keraquick S1

Mapei Keraquick S1 Tile Adhesive is a rapid set, flexible S1 cementitious tile adhesive for use with ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaics and natural stone tiles that are not moisture sensitive.  Mapei Keraquick S1 is a powder composed of a blend of special cements, selectively graded aggregates, synthetic resins and accelerators, which develop high bond strength 2-3 hours after mixing. These properties allow floors and walls tiled using Mapei Keraquick S1 Tile Adhesive to be grouted after only 2 hours. Floors can also be subjected to light foot traffic after 2 hours and full service conditions after 24 hours. Where floors are to be subjected to heavy duty use, such as cherry pickers, the floor tiling should have been allowed to cure for a minimum of 7 days.

Brand Code Description Enquire
Mapei 125220 Keraquick S1 Grey 20kg Enquire

Primer 3296

Acrylic primer in water dispersion with high penetration, consolidating and anti-dust properties for screeds.  Polymer-based primer with high penetration characteristics even on surfaces with low porosity.   Used as a primer for self-levelling smoothing products; it reduces the formation of pinholes, prevents the product drying too quickly, helps it level off and improves its bonding properties to the substrate.

Primer 3296
Brand Code Description Enquire
Mapei 253105 Primer 3296 5kg Enquire

Planitop Smooth & Repair

Structural R4-class, rapid-setting, shrinkage-compensated, thixotropic, fiber-reinforced, cementitious mortar, applied in a single layer from 3 to 40 mm thick, for repairing and smoothing concrete.  Structural repairs and smoothing over internal and external horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces; suitable for repairing structures exposed to the open air and in permanent contact with water.

Planitop Smooth & Repair
Brand Code Description Enquire
Mapei 2653125 Planitop Smooth & Repair R4 25kg Enquire


Mapei Kerapoxy is an improved reaction resin and slip resistant adhesive (R2T) suitable for fast setting acid-resistant bonding of ceramic tiles, stone material, fibre-cement, concrete and other building material on substrates normally used in building.  Stain-Free Grout. A water cleanable 100% solids epoxy mortar and non-sagging grout system for installations where exceptionally high strength, chemical and impact resistance is required, that builds chemical resistance in just 14 days. Designed for joint widths that measure between 1/16″ to 3/8″ (1.5mm to 10mm).  Nonsag formula includes built-in mold and mildew resistance.  Kerapoxy Stain-Free Grout allows you to use those light colors you’ve always wanted without worry.
Easy water cleanup, makes Kerapoxy an applicator-friendly product.  Spill spaghetti, fruit juice, ketchup, anything on Kerapoxy grout? No problem… just wipe it off – no stain.

Brand Code Description Enquire
Mapei 4510002 Kerapoxy #100 - White 2kg Enquire
Mapei 4511002 Kerapoxy #110 - Manhattan 2kg Enquire
Mapei 4511102 Kerapoxy #111 - Silver Grey 2kg Enquire
Mapei 4511202 Kerapoxy #112 - Medium Grey 2kg Enquire
Mapei 4511302 Kerapoxy #113 - Cement Grey 2kg Enquire
Mapei 4511402 Kerapoxy #114 - Anthracite 2kg Enquire
Mapei 4512002 Kerapoxy #120 - Black 2kg Enquire

Mapesil AC

Solvent-free, acetic-cross-linking mildew-resistant silicone sealant, available in 26 colour and transparent.  Interior, exterior, ceramic tile floor and wall sealing of expansion joints of ± 25% expansion of the initial size in swimming pools, bathrooms and showers.  Mapesil AC can also be used for forming a perfectly elastic gasket between different elements in constructions, mechanical engineering, ship-building, automobile manufacturing, etc.  Mapesil AC adheres perfectly to glass, ceramics and anodized aluminium.  If treated beforehand with Primer FD, adhesion is good also on concrete, wood, metal, painted surfaces, plastics, rubber etc.

Brand Code Description Enquire
Mapei 4810091 Mapesil AC #100 - White Enquire
Mapei 4811091 Mapesil AC #110 - Manhattan Enquire
Mapei 4811191 Mapesil AC #111 - Silver Grey Enquire
Mapei 4811291 Mapesil AC #112 - Medium Grey Enquire
Mapei 4811391 Mapesil AC #113 - Cement Grey Enquire
Mapei 4811491 Mapesil AC #114 - Anthracite Enquire
Mapei 4812091 Mapesil AC #120 - Black Enquire

Ultracolour Plus

Fast setting and drying, high performance, anti-efflorescence grout, polymer modified, for joints from 2 to 20 mm. Water-repellent with DropEffect® and antimould with BioBlock® technology.  Interior and exterior floor and wall grouting of all types of ceramic tiles (double-fired, single-fired, klinker, porcelain tiles, etc.), terracotta, stone material (natural stone, marble, granite, agglomerates, etc.), glass and marble mosaics. Ensures complete uniformity of colour, does not produce surface efflorescence, dries quickly and therefore floor and wall coverings are ready for use quickly.  BioBlock® technology applied to this product blocks various types of mould from forming and proliferating on the surface of the grout in humid conditions. Also, the use of special hydrophobic additives (DropEffect® technology) gives grouting mortars high water-repellent properties, making them less prone to dirtiness and with excellent durability.  Ideal for grouting exterior façades, balconies, terraces, swimming pools, bathrooms and kitchens. Especially suitable for grouting floors of supermarkets, highway service stations, restaurants, airports and public service grounds.

Ultracolour Plus
Brand Code Description Enquire
Mapei 6010002A Ultracolour Plus #100 - White 2kg Enquire
Mapei 6010005A Ultracolour Plus #100 - White 5kg Enquire
Mapei 6011002A Ultracolour Plus #110 - Manhattan 2kg Enquire
Mapei 6011005A Ultracolour Plus #110 - Manhattan 5kg Enquire
Mapei 6011102A Ultracolour Plus #111 - Silver grey 2kg Enquire
Mapei 6011105A Ultracolour Plus #111 - Silver grey 5kg Enquire
Mapei 6011202A Ultracolour Plus #112 - Medium Grey 2kg Enquire
Mapei 6011205A Ultracolour Plus #112 - Medium Grey 5kg Enquire
Mapei 6011302A Ultracolour Plus #113 - Cement Grey 2kg Enquire
Mapei 6011305A Ultracolour Plus #113 - Cement Grey 5kg Enquire
Mapei 6011402A Ultracolour Plus #114 - Anthracite 2kg Enquire
Mapei 6011405A Ultracolour Plus #114 - Anthracite 5kg Enquire
Mapei 6012002A Ultracolour Plus #120 - Black 2kg Enquire
Mapei 6012005A Ultracolour Plus #120 - Black 5kg Enquire

Mapeband SA

Mapeband SA is a self-adhesive butyl rubber tape used to waterproof fillets between horizontal and vertical surfaces on terraces, balconies and in bathrooms and showers. This tape is a complementary product for elastic waterproofing systems, such as Mapelastic Smart, Mapegum WPS.

Mapeband SA
Brand Code Description Enquire
Mapei 7950410 Mapeband SA 370x370mm Enquire
Mapei 7905425R Mapeband SA 10cm x 25m roll Enquire

Mapeband Easy

Rubber tape sandwiched between two layers of non-woven fabric to form elastic joints in waterproofing systems.

Mapeband Easy
Brand Code Description Enquire
Mapei 7972030 Mapeband Easy H130 30mtr Enquire
Mapei 7974010 Mapeband Easy 270 External Corner Enquire
Mapei 7974110 Mapeband Easy 90 Internal Corner Enquire
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