MSB Form – Adjustable Formwork


MSB Form is an adjustable formwork solution for the concrete construction industry, designed to be compact, lightweight, and strong for all conditions and applications – commercial, industrial, residential and civil.

If you want to get the job done faster, safer and greener, ensuring a superior finished result – upgrade to MSB Form. Don’t get left behind.

MSB Form is made of the highest quality zinc-plated steel and is designed to be lightweight, compact and extremely strong for all conditions. You can expect maximum results throughout the slab process, whether you’re using MSB Form for slab on grade, fixing down to concrete or plywood.

Improve efficiency and safety, reduce labour and consumables ensuring a cost-effective business model with our adjustable concrete forms.



This adjustable formwork solution is “taking the concrete construction industry in Australia by storm” with its rigid applications and lightweight characteristics. MSB Form has now been introduced in New Zealand by Totalsite Supplies.

MSB Form has been designed to solve common concreting problems where precision and straighter edges are paramount. Whether it’s concrete, slab, steel or brick formwork – the eye-catching orange frames will become a regular player on sites across New Zealand.  Users can save time and money
while maximising quality and maintaining safety with the future.

The MSB Form system allows construction and concrete teams to provide superior quality concrete slabs every time, without the waste.


Frames A, B & C

Ideal for for conventional and monolithic slabs, 310mm and 385mm waffle, 150mm -500mm slab on grade.  Frames connect and stack up to 1.2 metres tall.

Can be fixed to concrete, plywood and ground.

For use on: brick ledge / rebate, curbs, slab-on-grade, monolithic slabs, paving, radius pours, tank pads, tilt-up slabs, turn-down slabs.



MSB Form Rods

MSB Form rods come in various lengths depending on your needs. Rods are lightweight and ergonomic, causing less strain on your body during the set up and strip down process.

Available in 900mm, 1200mm and 1600mm lengths.




Easy To Use

An all-in-one kicker & brace solution for concrete formwork. Each frame is easily packed, transported and set up fast, simplifying the process from start to finish.

Save Time & Money

Set up your slab In a third ot the time, in turn reducing labour costs. It’s fast and efficient giving your business the capacity to complete more projects.


Available in different sizes and with adjustable lengths, your MSB Form set can be used on jobs of any scale. No matter the requirements – one set fits all.


MSB Form is high-vis orange for increased visibility, uniform in their size and shape, all ot which combines to reduce trip hazards. Frames and rods are lightweight and ergonomic, causing less strain on your body during the set up and strip down process.


MSB Form can last 10+ years with the right care. Each frame Is made using the highest quality steel. then zinc­ plated and powder coated, eliminating consumables by minimising wastage (eg. ply and lumber kickers, nails and walers). Less energy to set up and strip down means less wear and tear on your team.

Maximise Quality

Denver a high quality product & results. Minimise rectifications, blowouts, honeycombing and dimensional errors. Drastically improve your Finished Floor Level & maintain a professional work site. Set up your MSB Form & walk away with the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be able to deliver a quality slab every time.




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