Remedial Products

Rockbond Fairing Coat

Great colour match for cosmetic repairs to new concrete

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB7.04-20 20kg Enquire

Fairing Coat Safety Data Sheet

Fairing Coat SDS

Rockbond Epoxy Mortar

Very high strength adhesive mortar

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB8.04-8 8L Enquire
Rockbond RB8.04-20 20L Enquire

Epoxy Mortar Safety Data Sheet

Epoxy Mortar SDS

Rockbond Repair Mortar

Super strong hi-build mortar

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB1.04-25 25kg Enquire

Repair Mortar Safety Data Sheet

Repair Mortar SDS

Rockbond Fastrock Super Accelerated Mortar

Very fast setting mortar for plugging leaks and under water applications

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB3.09-4 4kg Enquire
Rockbond RB3.09-25 25kg Enquire

Fastrock Super Accelerated Mortar Safety Data Sheet

Fastrock Super Accelerated Mortar

Rockbond Primer for Steel

Protects reinforcing exposed during concrete repairs

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB1.00-4 4kg Enquire
Rockbond RB1.00-25 25kg Enquire

Primer for Steel Safety Data Sheet

Primer for Steel SDS

29Y40 Concrete Modifier

To improve the adhesion, flexibility and work-ability of cemetious mortars, plasters and renders and can be used as a primer for concrete, brickwork, hardiplank or substrates siluted 1:3 with water.

Brand Code Size Enquire
Nuplex 29Y40-1 1L Enquire
Nuplex 29Y40-2 2L Enquire
Nuplex 29Y40-5 5L Enquire
Nuplex 29Y40-20 20L Enquire

29Y40 Concrete Modifier Safety Data Sheet

29Y40 Concrete Modifier TDS
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