Sealers & Waterproofers

Clearseal Concrete Sealer

Is a gloss acrylic solvent based surface coating and sealer

Brand Code Size Enquire
Clearseal DG01-5 5L Enquire
Clearseal DG01 20L Enquire
Clearseal DG02 200L Enquire

Clearseal Concrete Sealer Safety Data Sheet

Concrete Clear Seal SDS July 2019

Xylene Concrete Sealer - Thinners

Commonly used for the thinning of Clearseal. It is good at cleaning up oil based products like paints, stains and other synthetic products without damaging the surface they are on.

Brand Code Size Enquire
Totalsite XYLENE1L 1L Enquire
Totalsite XYLENE5L 5L Enquire
Totalsite XYLENE20L 20L Enquire
Totalsite XYLENE200L 200L Enquire

Xylene Concrete Sealer Thinner Safety Data Sheet


Rockbond Leak Stop

From damp basements to leaking tanks, LEAK STOP is the product of choice. RB7.06 Utilises crystal growth technology to seal seeping concrete from either side

Brand Code Size Enquire
Rockbond RB7.06 5L Enquire

Leak Stop Safety Data Sheet

Leak Stop SDS

Epotread 1000

Hardwearing, solvent free epoxy coating with excellent chemical resistance, making it an ideal surface for floor areas subject to vehicle/foot traffic or chemical spill. Available colours; Clear, Grey, Dark Grey, Charcoal, White

Brand Code Size Enquire
Epotread EPOT1000-4L 4L Kit Enquire
Epotread EPOT1000-8L 8L Kit Enquire
Epotread EPOT1000-20L 20L Kit Enquire

Epotread 1000 Safety Data Sheet

Epotread 1000

Homecare Waterbased Silicone

A waterbased silicone impregnation agent which repels water and allows walls to breathe, specially designed for the water-repellent treatment of buildings and building materials, including concrete tiles, paths, foundations, Summerhill Stone, concrete block and other porous building materials

Brand Code Size Enquire
Totalsite WBSIL1L 1L Enquire
Totalsite WBSIL2L 2L Enquire
Totalsite WBSIL5L 5L Enquire
Totalsite WBSIL20L 20L Enquire
Totalsite WBSIL200L 200L Enquire

Homecare Waterbased Silicone Safety Data Sheet

Homecare Silicone

Homecare Solvosil Spirit Based Sealer

Protection from leakage, dampness, moss and mould. Prevents raining and run off water penetrating wall and facades whilst allowing them to breathe. Protects from freeze thaw erosion. Quick drying. High penetration power. Long term surface protection – 10 years plus. Especially suited to Oamaru Stone, Lime Stones, Concrete, renders and bricks.

Brand Code Size Enquire
Homecare SBSIL4L 4L Enquire
Homecare SBSIL20L 20L Enquire
Homecare SBSIL200L 200L Enquire

Homecare Solvosil Based Sealer

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