Self Levelling Stairs

These Self Levelling Stairs are a great temporary access unit to suit various heights in one product.  Our Self Leveling Stair design has multi angles that can change the height within the specified range, allowing flexibility and versatility for use at more than one area.

Each unit features a standard yellow anti-epoxy nosing to reduce slippage and powder coated safety yellow hand railing for added visibility.  Available in single and double widths.

SLS are designed to adjust to the different uneven surfaces, which can be a major issue. By eliminating the many access problems on site with the self levelling stairs, workers can focus on their tasks with no risk of falling and tripping.

Available in single width 650mm and double width 1200mm.

5 year warranty.



  • 3mm Checker plate
  • Stair section – multi-angle between 33° – 45°
  • Epoxy nosing on each stair tread (anti slip)
  • Fixing plates
  • Engineering Certification
Brand Code Height RangeWidthStepsApprox Weight Enquire
Star Aluminium SLS650x6steps 600 - 1400mm650mm660kg Enquire
Star Aluminium SLS650x9steps 1290 - 2100mm650mm985kg Enquire
Star Aluminium SLS650x12steps 1800 - 2750mm650mm12110kg Enquire
Star Aluminium SLS650x15steps 2600 - 3400mm650mm15130kg Enquire
Star Aluminium SLS650x18steps 3300 - 4100mm650mm18155kg Enquire
Star Aluminium SLS1200x6steps 600 - 1400mm1200mm680kg Enquire
Star Aluminium SLS1200x9steps 1290 - 2100mm1200mm9110kg Enquire
Star Aluminium SLS1200x12steps 1800 - 3400mm1200mm12140kg Enquire
Star Aluminium SLS1200x15steps 2600 - 3400mm1200mm15170kg Enquire
Star Aluminium SLS1200x18steps 3300 - 4100mm1200mm18205kg Enquire
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