Sandpaper Sheets & Discs

Norton NoFil Sandpaper Sheets

NoFil papers have a built-in zinc stearate dry surface lubricant to resist clogging and extend life.

Brand Code Description Enquire
Saint Gobain 66623320272 Sandpaper Sheets P80 Enquire
Saint Gobain 66623320273 Sandpaper Sheets P100 Enquire
Saint Gobain 66623320274 Sandpaper Sheets P120 Enquire
Saint Gobain 66623320275 Sandpaper Sheets P150 Enquire
Saint Gobain 66623320276 Sandpaper Sheets P180 Enquire
Saint Gobain 66623320277 Sandpaper Sheets P220 Enquire
Saint Gobain 66623320280 Sandpaper Sheets P320 Enquire

Intex Useit Yellow Super Pad 25PK

The genuine Intex Useit® Super Pads are a high performance abrasive of a new generation, giving you optimal, dust free sanding results – fast & effectively.  Thanks to the unique design and abrasive coating, a new level of sanding performance is attained and clogging is a thing of the past.

The cushioning system both eliminates scratches and swirls marks while sanding, and allows fast uniform operation without the need to apply added pressure.

Even during overhead sanding, dust pollution for users is reduced to a minimum.  With the Intex Useit® Super Pad, the sanding head glides smoothly & easily over walls and ceilings, enabling fatigue free working and a perfect result.

If you’re not using Intex Useit® then you’re simply not using the best – an excellent finish every time.

Designed for paint and plaster/drywall sanding and finishing.

yellow sandpaper
Brand Code Description Enquire
Intex 5SD016B Yellow Super Pad 16 Grit 25PK Enquire
Intex 5SD040B Yellow Super Pad 40 Grit 25PK Enquire
Intex 5SD060B Yellow Super Pad 60 Grit 25PK Enquire
Intex 5SD080B Yellow Super Pad 80 Grit 25PK Enquire
Intex 5SD120B Yellow Super Pad 120 Grit 25PK Enquire
Intex 5SD150B Yellow Super Pad 150 Grit 25PK Enquire
Intex 5SD180B Yellow Super Pad 180 Grit 25PK Enquire
Intex 5SD120B Yellow Super Pad 120 Grit 25PK Enquire
Intex 5SD320B Yellow Super Pad 320 Grit 25PK Enquire
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