Tilt Panel Props

For almost 40 years, these props have been developed, improved and manufactured to meet every challenge faced in the concrete precast and tilt up industry in Australia and New Zealand. The design is square instead of round, because kilo for kilo, square is safer than round.

They’re also better for handling and stackable. Individually certified. Multiple height adjustment options up to 14.5M.

Heavy duty swivel foot with detailed adjustment. Lifetime warranty. Galvanised. All genuine parts available. Great weight to kn ratio.

Brand Code DescriptionClosed1/2 ExtendedFullMass Enquire
Shisham SHISTMIN Mini Trench1m 35kN1.35m 35kN1.7m 35kN20kg Enquire
Shisham SHISSUPT Supa Trench1.5m 35kN2m 35kN2.5m 35kN24kg Enquire
Shisham SHISMIN Mini2.4m 35kN3.2m 35kN4.1m 25kN36kg Enquire
Shisham SHISMIN2 Mini 23.1m 35kN4.0m 35kN4.8m 21kN41kg Enquire
Shisham SHISSMIN Supa Mini3.1m 35kN3.8m 35kn4.5m 30kN47kg Enquire
Shisham SHISSTD3 Standard 34.4m 35kN5.8m 20kN7m 11.4kN61kg Enquire
Shisham SHISSPE Special5.7m 25kN7.5m 11.5kN9.4m 5.5kN70kg Enquire
Shisham SHISJUM Jumbo6.4m 35kN9m 13kN11.3m 6kN106kg Enquire
Shisham SHISSJUM Supa Jumbo8.5m 25kN11.5m 6kN14.5m 6kN137kg Enquire

When a knee brace is fitted to the Jumbo and Supa Jumbo Props the kN increases.  A fully extended, the Jumbo Prop will be 20kN and the Supa Jumbo becomes 12kN.

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Hercules High Load Prop

Brand Code DescriptionClosed1/2 ExtendedFullMass Enquire
Shisham SHISHERC Hercules 36.5m 100kN9.0m 75kN11.0m 35kN260kg Enquire

Advances in Tilt Slab construction techniques have brought new challenges as panel sizes and the resulting loads have escalated.

Enter Hercules! Heavy duty push pull props to suit the new frontier in high load applications.

No more wasted labour bolting soldiers together!

With Hercules 3 you have a more versatile and cost efficient way of erecting panels than ever before.

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