Square Brushes

Wooster Silver Tip Brushes

White and Silver CT polyester filaments for excellent leveling and smoothing. Very soft bristles for a feather stroke finish.  Stainless steel ferrule.

Brand Code Description Enquire
Wooster 5222-38 Wooster Tip Brush 38mm Enquire
Wooster 5222-50 Wooster Tip Brush 50mm Enquire
Wooster 5222-63 Wooster Tip Brush 63mm Enquire
Wooster 5222-75 Wooster Tip Brush 75mm Enquire

Haydn Galaxie Brushes

Out of this world results with Haydn® Galaxie® Suitable For: Exterior & interior use. Small to medium areas. Cutting in around windows, frames, cupboards, drawers & doors etc. Premium quality paint brush with blended bristle. The precisely controlled blending of bristle incorporates tapered & split ends offering superior paint pick up & a smooth professional finish. This brush is fitted with a quality stainless steel ferrule providing a brush with resilience & excellent durability.

Brand Code Description Enquire
Haydn GAL38 Galaxie Brush 38mm Enquire
Haydn GAL50 Galaxie Brush 50mm Enquire
Haydn GAL63 Galaxie Brush 63mm Enquire
Haydn GAL75 Galaxie Brush 75mm Enquire
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