Steel Heads


Oztec Vibrator Heads produce the highest amplitude and centrifugal force, generating the largest radius of influence of any heads available.

Brand Code Size Enquire
Oztec H075OZ ¾“ x 12” (pencil head) 19mm Enquire
Oztec H10OZ 1” x 13” 25mm Enquire
Oztec H125OZ 1¼” x 13" 31mm Enquire
Oztec H150OZ 1½” x 14" 37mm Enquire
Oztec H075OZ 1¾” x 14” 44mm Enquire
Oztec H200OZ 2” x 14” 50mm Enquire
Oztec H250OZ 2½” x 13” 63mm Enquire
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