Super Trestle with Full Surround Handrail


One piece, height adjustable, sets up in seconds. Large work area for industrial, trade use. Non-slip perforated platform deck guaranteed and proven safety. Folds down flat for easy transport & storage. Simply select the height by sliding in the pin, walk up the integral ladder and start work.

Brand Code Deck SizePlatform Height Enquire
Easy Access WST1000 450 x 1200mm400 - 1000mm Enquire
Easy Access WST1300 450 x 1600mm600 - 1300mm Enquire
Easy Access WST1700 450 x 1600mm700 - 1700mm Enquire
Brand Code Full Surround Handrail Details Enquire
Easy Access WSTFSH10 Full Surround Handrail for WST1000 Enquire
Easy Access WSTFSH17 Full Surround Handrail for WST1300/1700 Enquire
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