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Swivelpole™ incorporating Maxis™

Why Maxis™

Access to light fixtures and equipment can be hazardous, time consuming and costly when using ladders, scaffolds or other access equipment.

Maxis™ is the next generation lowering pole solution for safely accessing light fixtures and equipment.

Product Information

Solutions for incorporating into new build and converting existing rigid pole to lowering poles

Component Solutions

Installed Height (Nominal) 2.4m – 3m


Convert rigid poles to lowering poles by installing a Maxis™ Joint using the Pole Conversion Tool Kit.


Build a lowering pole by incorporating a Maxis™ Joint into your design/structure using your own pipe


  • Superior 45° lowering pole technology
  • Cast steel joint with minimal moving parts
  • Suitable for hazardous locations and harsh environments
  • Multiple product configurations to suit a range of requirements
  • The only solution for converting existing rigid poles to lowering poles


  • Safety: Light fixture is inverted and lowered to a safe working height and ergonomic service position.
  • Simplicity: Easy to install and operate.
  • Savings: Maximised profit through substantially reduced operating and maintenance costs.
  • Flexibility: Incorporate into new builds or convert existing rigid poles to lowering poles.





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