Timber Extension Ladders


Pelco’s patented design of Ladder stile features strong, stringy Mountain Ash edges bonded to a light weight Pine core and with a fully encased fiberglass rod bonded in.  Centre laminate timber which is not under bending stress is scalloped out to reduce weight without reducing strength.  This design produces Ladder stiles which are strong, lightweight, hard wearing and rigid.  High strength tempered aluminum “D” section rungs are set in a bed of hard epoxy resin which has soaked into the wood. This produces a very strong and rigid joint which will not become loose.  Precision manufactured steelwork ensures easy functioning, while Pelco’s new safety clutch prevents dangerous free-fall of the top section.  Lamilite Ladders are smoothly finished, attractive to look at and pleasant to handle. They don’t make hands black and they don’t conduct dangerous electricity.

EL45SPB (a)
Brand Code HeightSteps Enquire
Pelco EL21 SPB 2.1 - 3.3m6+ Enquire
Pelco EL24 SPB 2.4 - 3.9m7+ Enquire
Pelco EL27 SPB 2.7 - 4.5m8+ Enquire
Pelco EL30 SPB 3.0 - 5.1m9+ Enquire
Pelco EL33 SPB 3.3 - 5.7m10+ Enquire
Pelco EL36 SPB 3.6 - 6.3m11+ Enquire
Pelco EL39 SPB 3.9 - 6.9m12+ Enquire
Pelco EL42 SPB 4.2 - 7.5m13+ Enquire
Pelco EL45 SPB 4.5 - 8.1m14+ Enquire
Pelco EL48 SPB 4.8 - 8.7m15+ Enquire
Pelco EL51 SPB 5.1 - 9.0m16+ Enquire
Pelco EL54 SPB 5.4 - 9.6m17+ Enquire
Pelco EL57 SPB 5.7 - 10.2m18+ Enquire
Pelco EL60 SPB 6.0 - 10.8m19+ Enquire
Pelco EL63 SPB 6.3 - 11.4m20+ Enquire
Pelco EL66 SPB 6.6 - 12.0m21+ Enquire
Pelco EL69 SPB 6.9 - 12.6m22+ Enquire
Pelco EL72 SPB 7.2 - 13.2m23+ Enquire

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