Acrow Props

The traditional heavy duty builders prop ranging in size from 1.0m through to 4.8m extended, used traditionally in vertical and horizontal shoring and propping, Total Sites galvanised prop can also be modified to be used as a lightweight panel prop by fitting 2 swivel feet and another locking nut. Parts available.

TSS Galv
Brand Code Description Enquire
Totalsite PROP0 1m - 1.8m Enquire
Totalsite PROP1 1.6m - 2.7m Enquire
Totalsite PROP2 1.9m - 3.3m Enquire
Totalsite PROP3 2.5m - 3.9m Enquire
Totalsite PROP4 3.2m - 4.8m Enquire
Totalsite TPF Tilt Foot Enquire
Totalsite DSSA-099 Prop Nut Enquire
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