Tuff-Form™ Plastic Boxing

Designed to replace heavy wet timber that warps and twists and requires nailing to pegs.


Tuff-Form™ Plastic Boxing is lightweight boxing which is extremely fast and easy to set up and remove.  It has superseded heavy wet timber that was previously used, that warped and twisted and required nailing to pegs.

Tuff-Form™ saves you money due to the speed in which it can be set up which makes your projects more efficient.  While timber boxing gets disposed of after a couple of pours,  Tuff-Form™ can last more than 10 years giving you reusable boxing for many years to come.


Flexible Boxing

Perfect for boxing around curves, simply mark the curve out with the pegs and then bend the formwork around them quickly and easily attaching to the peg/pin with the camlocks.

No more trying to cut, soak and manipulate wood into a curve, with innovative Tuff-Form™ flexible boxing get seamless curves in an instant while bending to almost any angle.  One connector required per length (5.5m) and one camlock required approx every 600-700mm.






Rigid Boxing

Provides a strong rigid length for boxing along straight sections. Easily installed in tandem with the Flexible boxing to build paths that have both curved and straight sections.

Tuff-Form™ rigid boxing makes straight paths and driveways etc a breeze with only one connector required per length (5.5m) and one camlock required approx every 600-700mm.


Boxing Pins

All boxing pins come pre drilled with 6mm screw holes for versatility and ease of use.  The pins work well with the Tuff-Form™ camlock as well as for general use with timber boxing and shutters.

It is recommended to use 7 of these 450mm pins per length of boxing (5.5m).  There are 10 boxing pins per pack.


Tuff-Form camlocks pair with the above steel pins and Tuff-Form™ boxing to secure the boxing to the pins. It is a simple clip on system and speeds up the time it takes to setup the boxing dramatically.


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