Platform Ladders


Brand Code HeightSteps Enquire
Ox H407-001 1.2m4 Enquire
Ox H406-002 2.4m8 Enquire


Brand Code HeightSteps Enquire
Warthog H415-001 0.6m2 Enquire
Warthog H405-001 0.9m3 Enquire
Warthog H407-007 1.2m4 Enquire
Warthog H408-017 1.8m6 Enquire
Warthog H413-001 2.1m7 Enquire
Warthog H410-001 3.0m10 Enquire


Height adjustable platform with a choice of 4 height settings. Platform heights adjustable in seconds. Set front and back stiles to varying heights for working on steps or uneven ground. Handrail allows for 3 points of contact. Large rubber feet for stable grip and hard wearing. Rated to 200kg for industrial applications. One-piece, smooth operation – simply folds flat and locks. Can be fitted with accessories – tool bucket and full surround handrail.

Brand Code HeightSteps Enquire
Ox H446 0.9m - 3.3m3 Enquire
Ox H445 1.2m - 4.5m4 Enquire
Ox H448 1.5m - 2.7m5 Enquire
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