ST100 Shoring Tower

The maximum level of flexibility in shoring solutions!

The ST100 tower has been designed for maximum flexibility and speed of assembly. The towers are light and easy to assemble. No tools required. The stacking frames are offset, it can only be erected in the right order. Diagonal braces clip in, no tools required.


  • One of the strongest towers available with a single leg load up to 53kN and 214kN per tower
  • Max tower height of 22.29m


  • Able to be built on the ground and lifted into position for large commercial and civil construction
  • Type Tested System, no need for static calculations. Refer to engineering height chart
  • Easy assemble means on-site labour can erect without need for contractors Towers excellent for edge form support, scaffold platform can be built off the tower


  • Only 3 frame components and 5 total mean no confusion on site.
  • Frames come in 500mm increments.
  • A square base frame makes levelling the tower quick and easy
  • Square base frame also allows easy set out of large projects
  • Steel I beam or Timber GT24 bearer available
  • TSS steel decks securely fasten to the frame to aid in safe assembly lockable frames for crane transport
  • Rossett design means scaffold can be used in conjunction with towers



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